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Share the Harvest Farm is volunteer driven and funded by grants and donations. The Farm is sponsored by a partnership of thhe Cannon Memorial YMCA, McGill Baptist Church, The City of Kannapolis, and the Peachtree Market Produce from the farm goes to support Cooperative Christian Ministry, Concord First Assembly Food Pantry, and Cabarrus Meals on Wheels, bringing fresh vegetable options to many in Cabarrus County.

Total Pounds Donated Total Volunteer Hours
5323.8 lbs. 1132 hours
Through 9-26-16  


We are always looking for volunteers to work on the farm. If you are an individual or have a group and would like to schedule a time, fill out the form below.

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You can see available days and days online through our Volunteer Spot Page.

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Afton Village and local residents daily pass a small vacant, unassuming parcel of land located just behind McGill Baptist Church at the corner of Poplar Tent Road and George Liles Parkway. They will soon do a double take as they see a host of community volunteers tending the two acres, yielding fresh potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, beans, onions and the like.


The Cannon YMCA held a ground breaking, Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 2:00 pm that featured a strong showing of community leaders, celebrating the initiative.

Not to be confused with the term “community garden”, “urban agriculture [farming] assumes a level of commerce, the growing of product to be sold [or donated] as opposed to being grown for personal consumption or sharing”. ( With proximity to the West Cabarrus branch of the Cannon Y, the urban farm speaks directly to the Y’s core priorities: youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

According to regional and Cabarrus County need assessments, there is a demand for varietal fresh food options serving socioeconomically challenged populations.

There is not enough supply to meet current demand through existing food distribution pipelines.

Cannon Y president and CEO Ron Davis anticipates positive community impact from the project. “Not long ago, the Cannon Y board formed a Community Development Committee as a deliberate way to further our role as an impactful local partner. We looked to local need assessments and immediately saw a theme and an opportunity. Our passion is to see the Cabarrus community thrive through volunteerism, healthy living and associated educational opportunities. The more we investigated, the more we appreciated the community farm concept.”

With those priorities in mind, Davis and Y volunteers looked nationally to YMCA counterparts who had thriving urban farms. The search ended in Dartmouth, Massachusetts where the Southcoast YMCA has operated a model community farm for more than eight years. After months of planning, preparation and initial fund raising, the two acres are being cleared and a Share the Harvest Cabarrus Rowan groundbreaking is scheduled for October.

(YMCA Southcoast reference:

First Planting