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Running Training Program (H)

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WinterRunning Program 2017 3Nothing is easy, but putting in the effort will make you stronger. Whether it’s your first 5K or 10K, or you want to improve your pace, this running training program is for you! This nine-week run/walk program will allow you to do your best and will have you ready for our Harrisburg 5K or 10K on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Our new run coach is a Registered Dietitian who has run many marathons herself and has helped her patients, as well as her coworkers, keep their pace and run their race.

Members | $20
Non-Members | $30

February 7 to April 8

Members | Jan 23-Feb 10
Non-Members | Jan 30-Feb 10
Ages 16 and older

Registration has ended

Mandie Condie
Health and Wellness Coordinator
704.454.7800 x323