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Sherri Waddell

Sherri Waddell's Journey as Survivor

June 7, 2015 - National Cancer Survivor Day

Roughly a year and half ago, Sherri went to her doctor with increasing abdominal pain and received a life-altering diagnosis.  Like many, the 37-year-old did a self-diagnosis via Web MD and assumed she had appendicitis.

“Stage 4 colon cancer.  It was in my liver and lungs, incurable and inoperable.” Sherri says.  “I was told I would live 2-4 years with chemo and 2-4 months without.”

Plenty to digest quickly but Sherri and Patrick, her husband of 14 years, chose chemotherapy.  She quit a job she loved to focus on healing and spending precious time with her two daughters Mackenzie, 7 and Madison, 4. “I’ve done videos and written letters to my girls. ‘It’ (cancer) put a lot of things into perspective.”

Living with this new perspective is what keeps Sherri coming to the West Cabarrus YMCA the day following each weekly treatment.  She discovered that exercising gives her more energy to combat the side effect of fatigue.  “Are there days I want to lay in my bed?  Yes, but coming to the Y helps me push through.” 

Sherri credits several of the group exercise instructors for showing her modifications when her body is simply too weak but GOD gets the ultimate glory from Sherri. “My tumor markers are now at a normal level of 1.6, down from a start of 227.  The doctors say this is unchartered territory and they can’t explain my improvement. I know it’s HIM.” 

The battle still isn’t over as Sherri must undergo a few more tests to determine next steps.  Don’t expect to see her waiting in her bed at home or feeling sorry for herself! No, you can catch Sherri Waddell in one of the Y’s fitness classes or savoring every moment with her family.  She has discovered how precious life can be.

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