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Regaining Control of Her Health

Kari is a single mother to three young children. After facing a series of very challenging obstacles, she needed to regain control of her health and strength. Joining the Y through the Open Doors scholarship program, she struggled to find faith and trust in her new environment, but took solace in the Christian pulse that runs through the Cannon YMCA.

Since joining the West Cabarrus Y, Kari has brought her children to the Y Playhouse, taken the CREATION Health class and joined Zumba classes. She has found that it is a great comfort having the right people in the Y Playhouse, as the Cannon YMCA does, especially for single parents who often struggle to find a safe place for their young children. In her Zumba classes, Kari has made lasting friendships built on faith, strength and togetherness.

As Kari puts it, “God uses the YMCA to give your body something to do while He heals you.” It has been a powerful and empowering journey. She feels blessed to be a part of a community that truly focuses on mental, physical and spiritual health for all, and is stronger today because of her experiences at the Y.

Kari no longer needs the assistance of the Open Doors program. Instead, she does her part to help those in need. She is working with staff to encourage donations of workout clothes and other fitness and faith essentials for incoming Open Doors scholarship recipients and wants to spread the message that God communicated to her in her YMCA Zumba class: “You are you, and who you are is good enough.”