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Improving Your West Cabarrus YMCA

West Cabarrus YMCA Traffic Pattern Changes

YMCA friends and family, we are announcing a new project that will improve your experiences here at the West Cabarrus YMCA. We are improving our traffic flow to enable children to be picked up and dropped off curbside on the passenger side of the cars. To do this, we will be changing the total flow of traffic.

Watch the message from Robert Kirk, Executive Director to learn all the details. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Robert Kirk, Executive Director at


WC Capital Plan First Floor corrected

Note: The entire current community space in the West Cabarrus YMCA will be converted into a Youth Development Center. Relocating the current Playhouse, Youth Development Room, and Teen Center into one hub of activity allows for more opportunities for mentorship, collaborative activities and efficient staffing. The Youth Development Center will have full access to the kitchen, its own restrooms, its own entrance, a chapel and plenty of options for adjoining space to facilitate a comprehensive state-of-the-art program.
WC Capital Plan FL

WC Capital Plan Second Floor corrected


  • Construct new playing field and convert current lower field to staff and bus parking.
  • Expand wellness floor to accommodate growing membership.
  • Convert entire current community space into Youth Development Center.
  • Move corporate offices to West Cabarrus YMCA and incorporate meeting and community rooms into staff office space.
  • Renovate locker rooms and natatorium.
  • General beautification through landscaping, updating signage, renovating interior details.

 WC Capital Improvement 1
Relocated entrance adjacent to parking lot. Handicapped parking will remain on front (current) entrance of building.

WC Capital Improvement 2
Relocated entrance adjacent to parking lot with courtyard area for community and member gathering.

WC Capital Improvement 3
External view of courtyard: Separate entrance for Youth Development Center to enable teens and youth to access the building straight into their own space.

WC Capital Improvement 4
Internal view of new entrance: Additional community space for members to gather drinking coffee, hosting small meetings and enjoying the YMCA amenities.



  • Construction to begin Q4 2019, pending funding
  • Expected 18-24 month project once construction begins
  • Naming opportunities are available