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Harrisburg YMCA Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of partnering?

A: There are many benefits to both parties. For the YMCA, this partnership gets a Y in Harrisburg back on track. Many know the Y moved into the second floor of Harrisburg Town Hall in 2006 with the intention of building a full-service facility within 3-5 years. After the economic downturn that plan was tabled. This partnership is the most efficient way to give the Harrisburg community a YMCA.

Both parties will also see significant cost savings in the effort to get recreational facilities in Harrisburg. The Y should be larger than initially planned. For the Town, the opportunity for a recreation center in Harrisburg Park happens quicker. A YMCA will also reduce the taxpayer burden to build and operate the facility. The Town will have access to gym and multipurpose space for programs. The Y and Town will also focus on core programs that they do well, respectively. For example, the YMCA will operate summer camp and after school with the support of the Town, while the Town will continue to offer strong youth sports programs for Harrisburg residents.

Above all, the residents of Harrisburg will get a top-notch facility in the center of Town. The recreational opportunities between the Park, Library and YMCA will be beneficial to everyone in the community; youth, teens, families, adults and seniors. This area will become the recreational hub of Harrisburg.

Q: What is the timeline for the new Y?

A: The Town will develop the park’s infrastructure (roads, utilities, additional amenities besides the YMCA) over the next two years. The YMCA will design the YMCA with input from the Town. The YMCA will begin a capital campaign in 2019. Construction will be contingent on the capital campaign, but could begin in 2021.

Q: What is a capital campaign?

A: A capital campaign is a comprehensive community effort to raise funds, in this case, to build the new YMCA. This will be the community’s YMCA and will need the investment of the community. We anticipate the facility costs to be between $15-18 million, depending on the exact size and features. Naming opportunities will be available. For more information, please contact Brett Crosby, Executive Director Harrisburg YMCA, at bcrosby@cannonymca.org or Sarah McLellan, Director of Development and Community Engagement, at smclellan@cannonymca.org.

Q: What will happen to the current YMCA above Town Hall?

A: The current YMCA will continue to operate until the new facility is built. Once the new YMCA opens, this facility will close and the current leased space will return to Town offices.

Q: What will happen to my current Y membership?

A: Currently, no memberships or costs will change. Additional membership rates and categories to be determined and communicated closer to the new YMCA opening.

Q: During peak hours, vehicle access to the park can be challenging. How will the roads to and in Harrisburg Park improve?

A: With the park development, access to Harrisburg Park will improve. The Morehead Road/Alexander Road/Sims Parkway will continue to be the main access point. A new park entrance will be built on ZMAX Boulevard. There is also access to the site via School Circle/Harris Depot Road/Oakley Drive from Harrisburg Veterans Road. The stoplight at Highway 49/Patricia Drive/Harris Depot Road also provides additional turn lanes to access the park via Oakley Drive. Forest Drive will connect Sims Parkway to ZMAX Boulevard to allow additional connectivity.

Q: What is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)?

A: A Memorandum of Understanding is a written agreement between 2 parties to labor together toward a common objective. They typically include few details and complexities but provide framework to achieve shared goals.

In this case, the YMCA and Town agree that a YMCA in Harrisburg Park will be beneficial to both parties and, more importantly, the community. Both parties agree to reasonably work out the details to ensure the YMCA is built in Harrisburg Park and is consistent with the goals of the YMCA and Town.

Q: What will the facility consist of?

A: The specifics of the facility will be determined Q2-Q3 2019. We do anticipate that the Y will have a pool, wellness space, group exercise space, youth space and gymnasium space. The Town Parks and Recreation Offices will be located in the YMCA building. Exact features and sizes are unknown at this point.

The Town will build additional sports fields, an amphitheater, splash pad, picnic shelters, running trails and more within the park. Contact Parks & Recreation Office at 704-455-PARK (7275) for more details.

Q: How can I be involved and support the new YMCA building?

A: You can make a gift to the capital campaign, volunteer, and advocate for the YMCA in your community. We are always looking for board members, committee members, advocates, fundraisers, donors and friends. Please contact Brett Crosby at 704-454-7800 or bcrosby@cannonymca.org.

Q: What happened to the YMCA project at Farmington?

A: The Farmington project was announced in summer 2017. The entire development is experiencing significant delays. After over a year, the Y began to look for alternative sites. Still facing several other potential hurdles, we decided to pursue the alternative sites and began discussing the partnership with the Town of Harrisburg.