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Press Release: Cannon Memorial YMCA plans to bring full-service facility to Harrisburg Park

HARRISBURG, N.C., October 9, 2018 – The Town of Harrisburg and the Cannon Memorial YMCA signed a memorandum of understanding to bring a full-service YMCA to Harrisburg Park during the Town Council meeting on Monday, October 8, 2018.

The Harrisburg YMCA is currently in a 13,000-square-foot express facility on the second floor of Harrisburg Town Hall. The lack of space, including no pools and gymnasiums, limits its growth and opportunities for families to participate.

“The YMCA is intended to be accessible to all, which this new location enables. The Harrisburg community is ready for a new Y with additional member space and more amenities. Working with the Town is our opportunity to respond to the community’s needs efficiently and in the right way,” Cannon Memorial YMCA Chief Executive Officer Ron Davis said.

With the new YMCA located in Harrisburg Park, residents will have access to all the programs a YMCA offers, plus the additional services of Harrisburg Parks and Recreation in one location.

“We think the YMCA in Harrisburg Park is a win-win for our community. Harrisburg Park will become a hub of recreation, and the YMCA and the Town will develop a stronger partnership to better serve all residents in our community,” Town Manager Haynes Brigman said.

The Town and the YMCA will jointly strengthen community programs such as youth sports, summer camp and additional family initiatives.

“We believe working together and sharing facilities is great for the community. Harrisburg has a thriving sports league that the Y can help feed, and the Y has transformational camp programs that will be strengthened by the new location, access and resources,” Harrisburg YMCA Executive Director Brett Crosby said.
The Town of Harrisburg and the YMCA will collaborate to design the new facility and the YMCA will begin a capital campaign to fund the building in 2019.

Media Contact: Logan Lover, Communications Manager, Town of Harrisburg, 704-455-0733, llover@harrisburgnc.org