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Cannon YMCA

The Beginning

During the completion phases of the Cannon Manufacturing Company in 1907, J.W. Cannon and his board of directors held a meeting where the idea of forming a YMCA was discussed.  The minutes of the meeting record: “J.W. Cannon suggested that we erect a building to be used for a library, gymnasium and other amusements.”


Picture: The first YMCA building in 1908

Cannon began his project and patterned the building after a similar structure in another mill town.  He planned to give it his brother’s name: the David Franklin Cannon Memorial Hall.  P.B. Fetzer placed a motion on the floor that $20,000 be appropriated to erect the building.  Fetzer was in the cotton buying and mercantile firm of Cannon & Fetzer with J.W. Cannon’s older brother, David.  On November 5, 1908, the David F. Cannon YMCA opened.

ymca 1

Picture: The first building with addition, early 1920's.