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Clubs & Departments History: Women’s Department

Womens Club Feb2016smCannon Memorial YMCA has served women since as early as 1925 with the official Women’s Department opening in 1940. Approximately 35 women’s clubs were organized by Women’s Director, Bess Breedlove Thomason, in the 1940s and 1950s.

Cannon Y was the first YMCA in the South to have a fully equipped and staffed department for women and girls. By 1958, Cannon YMCA had the largest membership of women in the South with 4,723 female members and four full time female staff.

The women of Cannon Memorial YMCA gave significant support to the community and schools.  During the years of World War II, clubs within the Women’s Department knitted sweaters, rolled bandages, corresponded with local service men, and did volunteer work with the Red Cross and other service groups.

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