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Y Playhouse (Child Watch)

Each of the Cannon Y branches offers FREE programming to keep the children engaged and active while parents are using the facility. Caring staff lead various activities while you enjoy the benefits of your YMCA. The YMCA is dedicated to teaching children YMCA character traits and values.

Check with your branch for more information on programs, dates and times. We focus on our core values:

  • Caring
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Faith

We encourage...

  • Meeting new friends
  • Improving social skills
  • Building character
  • Being creative
  • Playing games
  • Enjoying physical activities
  • Building memories

Some Offerings

  • Youth Fit Zone
  • Music and Motion
  • Bible Time
  • Craft Time
  • Story Time

Parents Night Out

The West Cabarrus branch also offers themed Parents Night Out events monthly in the Y Playhouse. Click here for more information about the next event.

The Harrisburg branch also offers Parents Night Outs too. Click here for more information about the next event.

Security Procedures

Please complete an information sheet so we know all about your child. Access allowed through main Y Playhouse door only.

Sign In

  • Register your child at the Y Playhouse Service Desk.
  • Please completely fill out one line of the registration log for each child.
  • For security and safety, please wait outside Y Playhouse door if another parent is registering a child.
  • Only a parent or guardian is permitted to pick up/drop off a child. For the safety of our children the parent/guardian who drops off the child is required to also pick up the child unless otherwise specified on the special instructions line of the registration log at the time of drop off. Siblings under the age of 18 are not allowed to sign a child in or out.

Sign Out

  • Scan YMCA membership card.
  • Please sign Y Playhouse log.


  1. Y-Playhouse is for children ages 6 weeks to 9 years old on a YMCA family membership.
  2. Guests of members may use the Y Playhouse. 1st visit is free and those after are $2 per hour/per child. Maximum: 3 visits/year for local guests.
  3. Parent must be in the YMCA facility at all times when child is in the Y Playhouse.
  4. Maximum stay in the Y Playhouse is 2 hours per day. $1/minute for late pick-up.
  5. Please provide disposable diapers and bottles for young children.
  6. Please label all belongings. Lost and found is located at the Y Playhouse desk.
  7. For the health and safety of all children, if your child has a fever, sore throat, rash, diarrhea, infectious mucus, vomiting, cough or other contagious symptoms, he/she will not be allowed in the Y Playhouse.
  8. Please leave personal toys at home.
  9. For the safety of your child, snacks are not permitted in the Y Playhouse. Labeled bottles are allowed.
  10. Program Members do not have access to the Y Playhouse unless visiting as a guest. See guideline #2.

NOTE: Y Playhouse staff are not allowed to take money for childcare.