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Sweet Potato Harvest

Farm Sweet Potato HarvestSeptember 2018

Despite the poor growing season, the Farm has produced 4967 lbs of vegetables and we have about 3000 lbs of sweet potatoes dug and curing. Thank you to our volunteers; at least 53 people participated in harvesting sweet potatoes last week.

Sweet Potato Harvest - Volunteers Needed

Sweet potatoes at the YMCA farm were plowed but not harvested because Hurricane Florence rains started earlier than expected. We are planning to pick them up on Wednesday, September 19 at 5:30 pm. Please spread the word.

Share the Harvest Farm Blog

Stay up to date on everything happening at the Farm with our blog updates from Farm Manager, David Goforth.

Sweet Potatoes: Versatile and Nutritional

farm flowersJune 2018

Sweet potatoes have been planted and they are looking good. Sweet potatoes are a major contributor to the amount of vegetables produced each year. And with good reason. They are versatile and nutritional powerhouses that can be stored for several months.   This is the last major summer crop we plant.  Green beans, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers are being harvested. The attached picture is a drive row. When I noticed it was covered with wildflowers, I let it bloom.  I will mow it when necessary to harvest sweet potatoes and watermelons.  I think the wildflower is in the genus coreopsis.  There are several native coreopsis. We have struggled with weather conditions this year but 15,000 lbs is still a realistic goal. 

Warm Enough for Watermelons?

May 2018

watermelonThe way to determine if soil is warm enough to plant watermelons is to wait until you think it is time, walk out into the garden naked and sit down on the soil. If the soil feels cold, then you need to wait another week. We haven't planted watermelons yet at Share the Harvest but I think it is time to check. Given that the farm is visible from 55 different windows in 4 different directions, I am seriously considering just taking my shoe off and using my bare instep. Although, I would hate to get it wrong. Either way, I will soon know the results. Come and join us Saturdays in May if you wish to help us plant!

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