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Spiritual Development - West Cabarrus YMCA

west cabarrus chapel smWest Cabarrus Prayer Room

As you enter our branch, directly to your right is a prayer room. This is a place that is open to all to nurture the third part of our Y mission, which is mind, body and soul.

Abundant Life Community Church

Abundant Life Community Church is a non-denominational Christian fellowship that meets at the West Cabarrus YMCA on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Our mission is to be Spirit-filled followers of Jesus that love the Father, love our neighbor, and seek TRUTH. We believe the best way to accomplish this is by surrendering our will and submitting ourselves to the Lordship of Christ in all matters.

Simply stated, our core values include the general categories of Knowing God, Belonging to God’s Family and Engaging in God’s Mission.

We feel a deep conviction that God has called us to partner with the YMCA and mutually engage in the mission to reach those individuals in and around the YMCA community and beyond with the HOPE of the gospel message.

We are committed to pray for the YMCA organization, leadership, staff, members and others within the community. Furthermore, we will do our best to be effective ambassadors for Christ as we seek to build relationships with those that are disconnected/separated from their Creator and in need of a personal relationship with HIM.

Partnering With the Y/ Serving the Community.