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West Cabarrus Navy Recognition

The West Cabarrus YMCA and Executive Director, Robert Kirk were recently recognized by the United States Navy! The Navy uses the grounds to complete recruitment testing to help facilitate future sailors with opportunities that the United States Navy has to offer.

The following is the acknowledgment from the Navy Recruiting District of Raleigh:

Commanding Officer Navy Recruiting District Raleigh takes pleasure in commending Robert Kirk and West Cabarrus YMCA Family for service as set forth in the following citation:
Outstanding professionalism and excellent customer service while serving as a physical standards testing site for Naval Recruiting District Raleigh. Thank you for the continued support to my Warrior Challenge Recruiters, Scouts and our future Sailors in the Warrior Challenge Program. NRD Raleigh is grateful for the opportunity to build a strong community relationship with the West Cabarrus YMCA in helping supply the Navy Training Pipelines with qualified candidates that serve the Navy as Special Warfare Operator's (Seal), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team Members, Special Warfare Boat Operator's (SWCC), Navy Divers and Air Rescue Teams around the world. Your distinctive accomplishments, unrelenting perseverance, and steadfast dedication to duty reflected credit upon you and uphold the highest traditions of the United States Navy. - J. L. Carrasco

How the Navy Uses the Y

The Naval Recruiting District of Raleigh uses the grounds of West Cabarrus YMCA to conduct the Physical Screening Test or PST in order to help recruits as well as interested applicants gain access to a Naval Special Operations/ Naval Special Warfare contract of their choice.

The PST starts by ensuring that all of our candidates are physically and mentally screened at our Military Entrance Processing Station and are qualified to enter into the Armed Services as well as the Warrior Challenge Programs. From there, the prospective candidates voluntarily participate in a 500 yard swim followed by a 10 minute break. From there, the candidates will perform as many pushups as possible within two minutes followed by a two minute break. Next, they are to perform as many situps as possible within two minutes followed by a two minute break. In addition, they will perform as many dead hang pull ups, not curl ups, as possible without a time limit followed by another 10 minute break. Finally, our candidates will perform a 1.5 mile run for time.

The programs that are tested for: Special Operator/SEAL(SO), Special Boat Operators/SWCC(SB), Explosive Ordnance Disposal(EOD), Navy Diver(ND), and Air Rescue Swimmer(AIRR) all have very unique dynamics that require different testing standards. For that reason, each program has their own requirements when it comes to qualification standards in regards to the PST. Once a prospective candidate passes the PST, he or she may be offered a contract of their choice. This is not always a guarantee but an opportunity that may be extended to them as they compete with other prospects across the nation, much like the draft for the National Football League. Likewise, these contracts do not guarantee them a career in the Special Programs but rather an opportunity to continue the interview process upon completion of Navy Boot Camp.