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Bracket Buster Challenge

Bracket Buster Fitness Challenge

Fitness challenges are a great way to engage our members and give them ways to challenge themselves in their health and wellness journey. See a Fitness Specialist at your branch February 26 – March 13 for the bracket. You can jump in at any time and get in the games!

Challenge runs March 12 - April 6.

How to play

  1. The Challenge runs March 12-April 6. You will have 4 weeks to complete it!
  2. We will follow the March Madness bracket and the teams’ course throughout the month. Each team will be paired with a specific exercise.
  3. Stop by the Fitness Desk to pick up your bracket.
  4. The challenge has 4 divisions with a total of 6 rounds. Each division will focus on a different area of the body. You can complete each round all together or break it out.
    Round 1: 64 exercises
    Round 2: 32 exercises
    Round 3: 16 exercises
    Round 4: 8 exercises
    Round 5: 4 exercises
    Round 6: 2 exercises
  1. The duration of each exercise in the Challenge is 30 seconds.
  2. Each time you complete an exercise, have the Fitness Specialist initial your worksheet beside each exercise completed.
  3. You can sign up at any time, as long as you complete all 6 rounds.
  4. You cannot move ahead before the game winner and exercise have been announced.
  5. Each participant who completes the worksheet will receive a t-shirt.
  6. Once you have completed the entire worksheet, turn it into the Fitness Specialist. Worksheet and t-shirt size must be turned in by April 13.