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pickelballTry this increasingly popular sport that will provide you with a great workout while offering a very social and competitive game.

About the Game

Pickleball is played on a badminton court using a perforated plastic ball. The game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced game for experienced players.

The Court

A pickleball court is the same size as a doubles badminton court and measures 20x44 feet. In pickleball, the same court is used for both singles and doubles play. The net height is 36 inches at the sidelines and 34 inches in the middle.

The Equipment

When playing pickleball, each player uses a pickleball paddle, which is smaller than a tennis racquet but larger than a ping-pong paddle. Next is the pickleball. The ball itself is unique, with holes through it like a wiffleball and there are different ball models intended for indoor and outdoor play. The ball travels at 1/3 the speed of a tennis ball and is usually white or yellow in color.

When, Where and How Much

Starting March 14, 2016.
Equipment: Net, paddles, balls and court lines can be checked out at the Front Desk.
Open play is FREE Monday-Friday, 8am-2pm for Members.
Non-Members are welcome on Tuesdays and Fridays with a $3 fee paid at the Front Desk at check in.

For More Information

Brett Crosby
704.939.9622 ext 738