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Group Exercise

Experience the incredible energy that only group exercise classes can offer. Our experienced instructors lead participants through effective, fun and easy to follow workouts. The Y offers a wide variety of classes from beginner to advanced (for all ages) in a motivating, energetic environment.

Enjoy a wide variety of classes from low-impact exercise and strength training to indoor cycling, Zumba, High Intensity Interval Training, Yoga and Pilates, as well as aquatics group exercise classes. All classes are free to Y members.



This 45 or 60 minute class brings the outdoors in with challenging and exciting rides. Combining high energy and no impact makes this a great cardio class.

Cardio Blast

All cardio formats may be used: hi/lo, step, kickboxing or boot camp. Strengthening exercise may also be incorporated.

Kickboxing Strength

This class will combine martial arts techniques and circuit training to strengthen and tone every muscle group.

Box & Burn

Class consists of basic kickboxing and sculpting intervals for a total body workout.


45-60 minutes of step! Get fit and have fun through challenging step choreography.

Pump & Burn

A total-body conditioning class, using weights, tubing, body bars and stability bars.

Light & Lively Cardio

A low-impact, high-energy rhythmic exercise class incorporating a strength training section.

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High Intensity


Tabata is a high–intensity training regimen that produces remarkable results. Each interval training cycle consists of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise, followed by ten seconds of rest. The cycle is repeated eight times for a total of 4 minutes per exercise.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Training that targets the upper body on and lower body.

Boot Camp

Class includes sports-specific exercises that will help increase cardio, endurance, speed, agility, strength and balance.

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Zumba fuses Latin dance moves into easy-to-follow steps, creating a fun and dynamic fitness class.

Dance & Sculpt

Thirty minutes of your favorite dances to include Zumba, hip hop, and funk with 30 minutes of sculpting exercises.

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Pilates and Yoga


The best of Pilates and Yoga fused together, resulting in a tremendous strength, flexibility and core-building workout.


A low-impact, full-body workout using a ballet bar, light dumbbells and bands.

Subtle Flow Yoga

Wellness at all levels- physical, emotional, and spiritual, focusing on breathing techniques, mindful meditation and gentle yoga postures.

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Water Exercise

Water exercise classes are included in your membership fees and are offered at the West Cabarrus and Kannapolis branches.

These classes provide a great workout for all ages and fitness levels.

Benefits to water exercise include:

  • Water buoyancy helps to protect recuperating knees, ankles and hips.
  • Great for overweight individuals looking for exercise, but unable to walk far enough out of the water to effectively burn calories.
  • Aquatic exercise reduces pain and increases flexibility.
  • Water supports and massages the body as you exercise.
  • All of the benefits of land exercise-without the sweat.
  • Reduced blood pressure, stress and risk of injury.
  • Often recommended following surgery to minimize postoperative swelling.
  • Burn calories during and after exercise.

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Tai Chi

Refine and deepen your understanding and practice of Tai Chi principles, exercises and forms.

SilverSneakers® Circuit

Increase both cardiovascular and muscular endurance with a standing circuit workout.

Chair Yoga

Pose seated on the chair OR use the chair for support and stability during standing poses, forward and backward bends, side extensions, balancing, and leg and arm stretches. Chair Yoga is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and physical conditions.

Strength Classes

Cardio exercises with fit steps and strengthening exercises using free weights. This is a level 1 class.

Lite and Lively Aerobics

A low-impact, high-energy exercise class, including a strength training section.

Dance Combo

A fun and easy class incorporating a variety of dance moves.

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If you are not quite ready to jump into a Group Exercise Class, go to our Fitness Orientation page to develop personal exercise fundamentals for Fitness Center use.

For parents, we provide on-site fun in the Y Playhouse for your little ones while you work out.

Consult the Y Playhouse Hours as you plan your next workout.