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Group Exercise Updates at West Cabarrus

Lets Get Physical Boot Camp

Join us for a fun Back to School Boot Camp class! Available to members and non-members.*

Aug 24 | 8:15-9:45am

Deanne Goldberg at

*Members, when you bring a guest to the Y and they join by Aug 31, both of you will earn a free month of membership. *The month of October will be free for both the new member and referring member. Members must be 18 years or older to bring a guest, and must remain in the facility with their guest.

Labor Day Boot Camp

The West Cabarrus YMCA will be open on Labor Day, Monday, Sept 2. Join us for a speical 90 minute mix of Cardio and Strength.

9:00-10:30am | Studio A

The following classes are canceled on Labor Day:
5:30am | Cardio & Strength
8:40am | Strength Circuits
9:30am | Cardio & Strenght

All classes that begin at 12:00 noon or after are canceled. The Playhouse will operate with normal hours on Labor Day: 8am-1pm.

Deanne Goldberg, Group Exercise Coordinator at 704.795.9622 x223 or

Class Change Alert!

Beginning Sept 2, the Monday 9:35am Pilates class will change to Core Strength.

Weak core muscles can lead to more fatigue, less endurance, and muscular injuries. Strong core muscles lead to better balance and stability. This class will focus on all core muscles including abs, back, chest and glutes using various resistance equipment including stability balls, bands, and gliders.

Mondays | 9:35-10:35am | Studio B

Deanne Goldberg, Group Exercise Coordinator at 704.795.9622 x223 or