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Tips with Taryn

Using a machine at the Y is a great way to work your muscles, but if you don’t know how to use it correctly it can be intimidating! Join Kannapolis YMCA Fitness Specialist Taryn as she shows us how to use different weight machines in the Kannapolis Fitness Center. Follow along as we unveil our #TipsWithTaryn videos one at a time on the Kannapolis Y Facebook page, or catch up here on our website!

Leg Press

Get the inside scoop on safety and proper form with our first installment of #TipsWithTaryn.

Leg Extension: A Great Machine for Our AOA Community!

In this #TipsWithTaryn video, Taryn also mentions that we offer FREE fitness orientations! Visit the Member Service Desk to learn more about how a free fitness orientation could make you feel more confident when using equipment in the Fitness Center.

Lateral Raise

In the newest installment of #TipsWithTaryn, Fitness Specialist Taryn teaches us how to use a machine that she says is “commonly misused”: the Lateral Raise! Get the most from our staff’s expertise by scheduling a personal training session with Taryn, or one of our other trainers, today!

As a member, you will go through an initial consultation to discuss exercise history, health history, goals and nutritional concerns. Your Trainer will work with you to motivate, educate, make basic nutritional recommendations and provide a varied exercise program specific to your personal needs. To learn more about our personal training sessions click here.

Calf Raise

In this new #TipsWithTaryn video we are exploring the use of the calf raise machine! This might be a piece of equipment you've seen in our Fitness Center before but weren't sure how to use. Let Taryn guide you through how to get started and show you proper technique. Try incorporating the calf raise into your workout routine on your next visit to the Kannapolis Y!

Cable Machine

What’s a versatile machine to use when you’re crunched for time? Let Personal Trainer, Taryn show you how you can use the Cable Machine to do a lot with a little in this installment of #TipsWithTaryn!