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Know Your #s

Knowing your numbers in key health areas can indicate your health status and point out potential warning signs. Monitoring these numbers is important in improving and maintaining wellness.
During this screening session, our trained staff will take your blood pressure, measure your waist circumference, body weight, body fat, resting heart rate and go over any food related information, as well as perform a fitness assessment and help with a plan to get your exercise program started for you!

FREE for YMCA Members

Harrisburg | July 22 - Aug 2

Harrisburg | Friday, Aug 2

Harrisburg | 6:00 - 11:00am
*Please register at the Member Service Desk for a guaranteed spot. Each appointment will last about 15 minutes. Walk-ins are welcome, if time allows.

Harrisburg | Mandie Condie, Healthy Living Director, 704.7800 x323 or mcondie@cannonymca.org
West Cabarrus | Amy Hoffner, Healthy Living Director, 704.795.9622 x219 or ahoffner@cannonymca.org.

Ask the Experts | 9-11am

Meet with the Nurse (Jane Kelly) – held in lobby
There are no sessions scheduled at this time.

Meet with the Nutritionist (Alicia Knetsche) – held in lobby
There are no sessions scheduled at this time.

Cooking Class (10:00-11:30am)
(Must sign-up at the Member Service Desk)

There are no classes scheduled at this time.

Ask the Dietitian Nutritionist is an event offered at each branch of the Cannon YMCA. At these events, members are given the opportunity to learn more about nutrition and its impact on health, as well as pick up tips on healthy eating habits.

Stop by and see Alicia Knetsche, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Jane Kelly, Registered Nurse with Atrium Helath, to discuss any health related questions and to learn more about the wellness services offered through the Cannon Memorial YMCA and Atrium Health partnership.