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Visitor Guidelines

Be Our Guest!

Welcome to the Cannon Memorial YMCA. We hope your visit is enjoyable.

Non-Member Guest Visits

Walk In Guests: The YMCA is a membership based organization. Therefore, we do not allow “walk-ins” to purchase day passes and/or use our facilities without a connection to another YMCA or YMCA member.

Local guests (within 50-mile radius) are welcome 5 times per calendar year. All guests must show a photo ID and be accompanied by an adult member (18 years or older).

  • 1st visit: FREE
  • 2nd-5th visits:
    - Youth Guest Fee (17 & under) $5
    - Adult Fee (18+) $10
    - Family Guest Fee (more than one person) $25

Adult Members (18 years or older) are welcome to bring guests with a cap of three guests per membership unit per day. Members may call in advance if they would like to discuss an exception. These calls will be forwarded to Membership Director or Administrator. All guests 16+ years will be asked to show photo ID and sign a guest waiver when they check in.

Out of Town Guests (outside 50-mile radius) may visit up to 14 days per calendar year. The guest must be accompanied by an adult member (18 years or older) during first visit and show photo ID.

Other Y Member Guest

A Y member from another association that has been confirmed in the Reciprocal Member data base is entitled to use the Cannon Memorial YMCA facilities at any time, and is considered a Reciprocal Guest.

Out of State Y members are entitled to unlimited visits. Proper Guest forms must be completed. Photo ID and current YMCA membership must be verified.

Members of other YMCA’s may register for programs at the member rate. *Please follow reciprocal member rate program adjustment procedures.

A guest of another YMCA (including Reciprocal Members) cannot bring in a guest.

All members must be checked in through either Daxko operations or Reciprocal Member Check-in System.

Harrisburg Express members:

  • Will be allowed to visit the West Cabarrus and Kannapolis locations 3 times per month.
  • Visits with other locations will be based on specific Association procedures.
  • Please visit the website of the Y you would like to visit to determine specific eligibility.

Guest Check-In Process

ALL guests must register at the Membership Desk each time they visit the Y, those who are 16+ must present a photo ID.

Guests should complete a non-member application card on their 1st visit.

All guests should be entered in as a non-member unit in Daxko and each visit should be recorded (in “Guest Programs”); if fees apply, those must be collected before the guest enters the facility.

Members should be in the building while the guest is visiting and if the guest is under 10 years old, they must remain with an adult at all times.

If a guest would like to join within the calendar year of their last visit the guest fees will be used as a credit towards the join fee.