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Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your introduction to the Path to Wellness Program. I am a member of the Cannon YMCA but never really used the full resources of the Y.

My sister and I asked for help and were directed to you for consultation on programs for a healthier lifestyle. Ann had a shoulder replacement and I was looking at a complete knee replacement. The Path to Wellness Program was the answer for us. We were guided to nutritional information, exercises to strengthen those weakened muscles and water exercises.

Just let me tell you how this program has helped! My main focus was leg and arm strength improvement before my knee replacement surgery. I worked in the YMCA gym with a program suggested by Y staff and water exercises. Result: I had my surgery on October 22, 2018 and returned home on October 24 in the morning. I had completed all the tasks the physical therapist instructed. I was able to stand, walk step up/down, get in and out of bed and sit in a chair for 2 hours. The PT says I am farther along than is expected. I feel that this is a result of the work in the gym and pool before surgery. Also, your personal experience with knee surgery greatly helped to put me in the right mind frame for really working hard in my rehab.

My sister, Ann, needed some help with impulse control, badly. Sweets are her downfall! Portion control was not in her vocabulary. Example: I said I would like a bakery cookie. Ann decided she would go to the bakery for me because I was working in the kitchen. Off she goes! She is not a cookie person. We now had a vanilla pound cake with icing. She offered me a normal sized piece. Her piece was a WEDGE. That was not to be her last piece either. Over the weekend she finished the entire cake (I had two pieces). Now she feels really bad because she ate the whole thing.

After working through this issue with you, Jane, the next time the bakery called her name, she came home with one brownie for us to share. This is a major win for her.

I also appreciated the nutritional information. I pay more attention to sodium in products. I also have come to accept it is okay to have “bad choices” in moderation.

Ann and I really appreciate this program provided by the YMCA and Atrium Health. We feel comfortable in contacting you and Alicia in the future.

Martha Helms
Ann Isenhour