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Teen Fit Program

Offered at all three branches

Gain Independence!

This 1-2 hour course is for teens ages 13-15. Individuals (at Kannapolis) and groups of up to three (at West Cabarrus and Harrisburg). Meet by appointment with a Fitness Specialist to learn about the history of the YMCA, muscle anatomy, proper equipment set up and fitness center etiquette. After 1-2 appointments and passing a fitness test, participants may work out in the fitness center without adult supervision.

Contact branch Fitness Specialists for more information.

Time: By appointment after registration.

Ages: 13-15 years

What's in it for me?
Learn proper technique, proper nutrition and gym etiquette.

Gain Independence
After successfully completing the Teen Fit Program, you will have access to the Y fitness area anytime without bringing an adult along.

More Information
Rhoda Waters, rwaters@cannonymca.org, 704.739.9622 x718

West Cabarrus
Amy Hoffner, ahoffner@cannonymca.org, 704.795.9622 x219

Tim Connelly, tconnelly@cannonymca.org, 704-454-7800 ext 316